10+ Ways You Can Use Your Fountain Pen Apart From Writing Signatures

10+ Ways You Can Use Your Fountain Pen Apart From Writing Signatures

The first step to falling in love with fountain pens is to use them!

Many people who collect fountain pens sometimes have trouble using them as often as they would like. If you are not a student or in a profession that requires you to write very often, you might have little opportunity to use your fountain pens.

However, if you are grappling with the question of how to incorporate these gorgeous pens into your daily routine, we’ve got the list for you! Check out these suggestions:

  1. Journaling

One of the most popular ways to write more often is writing in journals. Using fountain pens to jot down your daily activities, thoughts or plans leaves you with a neat record. You can also enjoy the feel of a luxury pen as you plan through your mornings or look back at your activities during the day.

  1. Lists (shopping lists, To-Do lists, holiday gift lists)

You can use your fountain pens every single day to write lists which can also serve as your writing practice. If you make it a habit, writing lists should allow you to use your pens on a regular basis.

  1. Holiday Cards

A year-round activity that allows you to use your fountain pens more often is writing holiday cards. People love receiving a thoughtful card and you’ll love sending them. Learn basic calligraphy and you’ll surely create cards that impress.

  1. Calligraphy

Handwritten projects can look boring and dull, if you don’t add some calligraphy creativity to it. Calligraphy with a fountain pen is a stylized way of writing. It is all about writing letters in a well-positioned set of slants to form a beautiful pattern. 

  1. Poetry/Quotes/Lyrics

If you don’t know what to write, an easy source of inspiration is turning to what others have already said and writing some quotes or lyrics. You can use them for handwriting practice. Buy some rustic journals with some nature art in it. This will make your poem, quotes and lyric collection more striking and sentimental.

  1. Taking Notes

Fountain pens aren’t just for practicing fancy calligraphy in a mahogany-walled office surrounded by antiques. They’re functional writing instruments that make tasks as mundane as note taking much more enjoyable.

  1. Pen Pal correspondence

A great way to add another dimension to using fountain pens is to use them while writing to penpals. Not only do you get to write more often, but you’ll also get to interact with other fountain pen users!

  1. Thank You Notes

Why does a man need stationery when we have email and text messaging? Because sending an electronic message holds little value when expressing your gratefulness to a family member or friend or someone dear or a simple note to the woman you’re courting.

Express your heartfelt appreciation instead by using a fountain pen; a gesture that will be engraved in their memory forever!

  1. Doodling/ Drawing/ Sketching

We love seeing the amazing art people create using fountain pens. It’s absolutely mind-blowing to see what people can make with a blank piece of paper and a pen. Use Dryden Designs fountain pens with fine and medium nib for sketching. Broad nibs can’t produce the fine lines you need on drawing.

  1. Love letters

This might be the era of mobile messaging but when you write love letters with your own hand, your special someone will get a different impression. See, writing letters need a lot of thought. Your feelings expressed in it seem more genuine. It’s sweeter to read and it’s a more wonderful keepsake of your love. So, write it neatly on your own with a fountain pen.

But that’s not all!

Here are some other activities where you can use your elegant Dryden Designs fountain pens:

  • Daily Devotionals
  • Dream Journals
  • Book Notes
  • Recipes
  • Family Histories

No matter how you use your pens, it’s a guaranteed good time. Fountain pens offer a fantastic getaway to reconnect yourself with the creative, traditional way of expressing thoughts in an increasingly digital world. Get your own Dryden Designs fountain pens and start using them on the activities listed above.