5 Interesting Ways To Use Your Travel Journal

5 Interesting Ways To Use Your Travel Journal

In this world dominated by iPhones, iPads, drones, Android sports cams, and other high-end gadgets, do you think there’s still someone who carries a vintage travel journal with him? Surprisingly, people are falling in love again with diaries, journals and scrapbooks to give them a break from being slaves to modern technology.

We have to admit it too; there is some kind of romantic and classy vibe that comes with carrying a leather travel journal and a fancy fountain pen. And besides, who wouldn’t be proud to own a MaleDen Classic Leather Embossed Travel Journal? It’s not only great for writers, but also for those with artistic minds as it doubles as a sketchbook or even a sticker book.

Elegant MaleDen travel journal by Dryden Design

This travel journal sports a sophisticated cover with a compass detail to remind you that wherever your feet take you, there you can write. Made from high-quality, refillable craft paper, you can use this diary for other purposes too!

Travel journals have now become completely customizable compared to the traditional diaries that were once only used for writing. There is now much freedom in these notebooks as many of them now come in plain but artsy papers.

This flexibility in the new era’s travel journals, though, can be a little overwhelming. So, without a clear vision of how you will use it, buying one might be a little difficult to justify.

Worry no more! With the help of Dryden Designs fountain pen fans, we were able to list down 5 handy suggestions on how you can use a MaleDen Classic Leather Embossed Travel Journal.

 Versatile in MaleDen travel journal by Dryden Design

Photo record. Go back to the classic hobby of scrapbooking, but now in style. Pick a postcard or take a snap at every alluring place you visit. Stick one on every page and write the story behind it. But don’t settle with just photographs. Add dried flowers or candy wrappers too! Paste just about anything that made an impact on your travel.

Doodles. The craft paper used in the MaleDen travel journal makes it a perfect sketchbook too! Although not all of us are not born an artist, we all love drawing something we loved about a place in a journal. Whether it be a broken bike, a mountain, an architectural piece or a beach, doodling something in your journal is the best boredom- killer on trains, airplanes, buses or ships.

Diary. This is already a given for a journal usage, but you can add some twist to it. Rant in your journal, be informal in with your words, don’t care about the grammar; just put anything there that comes in your mind. In other words, turn it into a handy freedom wall.

Networking Record. Be a classy networker and turn your MaleDen Travel Journal into a record of your business transactions or into an elegant phone book and a scrapbook of business cards.

Your Tool To Defeat Loneliness. If you already run out of books to read but still have 5 hours of travel time, then it might be a great opportunity to fiddle with your travel journal. Bring out your Dryden fountain pen and make a travel bucket list. Or if you are too lazy to write, you can turn to making a sticker album out of your journal.

There are a lot more interesting ways on how you can use your MaleDen Travel Journal. Record a thought each day, or post a sticker and a stamp in every stop, there is no limit on what you can do with your travel journal.