5 (More) Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch To Using Fountain Pens

5 (More) Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch To Using Fountain Pens - Dryden Designs


Fountain pens have been around for generations now and although we exist today in a world where many things are done digitally - from communicating with loved ones, doing school papers, to writing books - fountain pens have been recently making a come back as there has been a growing number of internet communities proclaiming their love for writing with fountain pens.

If we are to give just one reason why fountain pens refuse to become obsolete in today’s digital world, it is because the writing experience you get from using fountain pens can arguably be unmatched. However, if you are still not sold to  buy fountain pens online or in store now, here are 5 more reasons to make the switch today:

Using fountain pens is good for the environment

5 (More) Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch To Using Fountain Pens - Dryden Designs


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Americans dispose more or less 1.5 billion plastic pens every year. People have been so caught up with their busy lives and relied so much on convenience at the expense of everything else. The result? Overflowing landfills,  carbon pollution, and irreversible and dangerous climate change. Stop throwing away disposable plastic pens once they run out of ink. Buy a fountain pen instead and enjoy it for the years to come, possibly for a lifetime.

Using fountain pens can save your hand from fatigue and cramping

If you are in for a long writing session, using fountain pens is the way to go. Fountain pens use liquid ink, hence, a smoother flow when you write on paper. You don’t even have to put that much pressure when writing because fountain pens write on their own weight and don’t need to be pressed on to paper for it to work. Because of this, you can write for long periods of time in a more relaxing way and without the worries of having fatigue and cramps.

Using fountain pens is more economical in the long run

Imagine how much you can save in a year from buying disposable pens alone. Investing in a great-quality fountain pen may seem more expensive than buying plastic pens upfront but it will help you save more in the long run. Aside from just using one fountain pen for years, a bottle of ink can save you tons of money since it can last to up to year of writing. If this isn’t economical enough for you, we don’t know what else is.

Using fountain pens opens you up to a wide array of options

Fountain Pen


With ballpoint pens, there’s not much of decision-making involved when buying one. You just choose between a black, blue, and a red ballpoint pens.

On the other hand, fountain pens make writing so much fun starting from the very beginning, when you  shop for your fountain pen. There are many nib sizes options for you to choose from as well as with the fountain pen look (design) itself. Whether you are a fan of  vintage fountain pens, exotic fountain pens, or sleek fountain pens, there’s always a great variety to choose from.

Using fountain pens gives you a luxurious writing experience

You don’t see peace treaties and multi-million dollar contracts signed with ballpoint pens. Writing with a fountain pen somewhat elevates your lifestyle and have gradually become a status symbol throughout the years. And as much as writing with a fountain pen gives you an image of sophistication, it stays true to its glamorous status with the actual writing feel, too.

Writing with a fountain pen gives you that glorious feeling of satisfaction with every effortless glide and wonderful strokes.