5 Practice Hacks to Perfect Calligraphy in No Time

5 Practice Hacks to Perfect Calligraphy in No Time

Calligraphers can mesmerize just about anyone when they perform demos and classes in public. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to do what they do the way they do it…quickly. Unfortunately, both you and I are most likely total newbies!

So how do we become expert calligraphers? Will it take a lifetime of training or sacrifice? Or….

Many people are falling in love with the art of decorative handwriting or what we call Calligraphy. But like in any other forms of art, we don't start out as experts. We always go through the newbie stage where we struggle to find shortcuts to perfection.

But it's not impossible.

Practice hacks to perfect calligraphy by Dryden Designs

Although you need to take time to master the basics and embrace the gist of Calligraphy, there are, indeed, some hacks to speed up your journey to becoming a good calligrapher.

Do these sneaky tips for a month or two (WITHOUT CHEATING) and see how much you improved since your first try to hold a fountain pen for beginners.

Hacks to Perfecting Calligraphy In One or Two Months

The quickest path to improvement is always "Consistent Practice." Even when you find yourself stuck in a middle of chores and work tasks, try to sneak in at least one of these practice techniques. Do it every day until you find yourself fully adjusted. Don't cheat. Don't skip a day.

And you can become a great calligrapher who earns money with your craft real soon.

Practice hacks to perfect calligraphy by Dryden Designs

1. Label Ordinary Envelopes with Extraordinary Handwritings

Buy a pack of envelopes you can write on every day even without special occasions. If you feel like it is an impractical way to practice your calligraphy, it actually isn't.

Try to think how paying bills aren't fun for any of us. Or assigning the daily budget to your kids and partner. It always feels draining to see your money going to daily expenses rather than the bank, but you can make this experience pleasant by practicing your calligraphy!

Label envelopes according to where you will be spending your money every day. Label one as "Meal allowance for Husband" or "Grocery fund for the day" or "Salon Day Today." This will not only help you organize and better track your daily expenses but will also be a great opportunity for you to perfect your Calligraphy strokes.

You can also do this to write morning greetings to your neighbors. Being this thoughtful will even bring your more friends.

2. Buy a Mini Journal and Make a DIY "Quote for the Day"

Buy mini journals from bookstores and start writing one quote a day. Choose a quote that best represents your mood or feeling when you woke up. If you feel like it's too long you can opt to write an adjective to describe your morning vibe.

This will help you maintain consistent strokes even during your busiest days.

After collecting journals of these, you can decorate them with watercolor backdrops and even sell them! Making money while practicing isn't a bad idea at all!

Other things you can write for your practice may include:

  • One foreign word of a language you'd like to learn
  • Name of people/things that make you happy
  • Names of places you want to visit

And if you're already a little closer to becoming a pro, then it's time to level up from a mini journal to the classic journal by Dryden Design.

3. Faux Calligraphy is Always Best for Starters

Write all notes like meeting minutes, class lessons or even grocery lists through Faux calligraphy. A regular pen is your basic tool in faux calligraphy but you can also choose to start with a simple fountain pen so you won't have to make another adjustment from ballpoint to nibs. You can find easy-to-use and the best fountain pens with fine nibs at Dryden Design.

4. Incorporate Calligraphy into Your Next Gathering

We always have a little gathering with our friends and relatives and it can be a perfect opportunity to practice calligraphy.

A birthday might be just around the corner or a wedding, perhaps. Christening, graduation, reunion, anniversary, ask for occasions that are happening in the next couple of days or months. Volunteer to do the place cards to label the foods and the attendees. Or the invitation cards too. Make one copy a day until you finish the project.

5. Use a Light Box for High-Quantity Projects

And your best hack to perfect your handwriting strokes?

Create a pattern or a template you can place underneath the paper you will be working on.

Prepare a cardboard of different sizes so you can customize them for your A4-sized, envelope-sized, notebook-sized, or mini-journal-sized projects. Draw guidelines as well as slant lines on your template and use it until you perfect the proper sizing and spacing of the letters when you are writing.

To use the template, slip it under the paper and then place it on a "light box." If you don't have this, you can just place the setup on your window, point a bright light towards your setup and you should be able to see right through it!

This technique also eliminates the hassle of erasing pencil guidelines. Consequently, your project will be neater and more appealing to the eyes.

Practice hacks to perfect calligraphy by Dryden Designs

Advancing to become a master calligrapher isn't that complicated. As a clueless beginner, you might feel like you will need years of learning to reach the level of the famous calligraphers, but with constant practice, patience, determination, and these 5 hacks, you will surely perfect calligraphy fast.

Also, follow the works of a calligrapher who inspires you and try to learn his or her writing techniques. Watch closely for the strokes and copy them. Aim to produce a better work. A little competition won't work. Instead, it will motivate you to level up a little each time you hold your fountain pen and practice.