5 Reasons To Write with Dryden Designs Fountain Pens

5 Reasons To Write with Dryden Designs Fountain Pens

Fountain pens have been around for around 150 years, and the only reason they still exist in today’s digital world is because the experience of writing with a fountain pen is second to none.

While they are not new, they have certainly been making a comeback in recent years. Thanks to the rise of the internet and the information being shared by fountain pen enthusiasts.  

For this reason, a lot of fountain pen brands have responded to the rising interest, with a variety of modern designs and technology. 

One of the many brands currently making its mark on the scene is, of course, Dryden Designs.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using Dryden Fountain Pens today: 

  1. High Quality Yet Affordable

Dryden Designs’ range of fountain pens won’t cost you a fortune. Although the units are sleek and luxurious, you don’t have to break your bank in order to collect our fountain pens.

Our fountain pens are not the “cheap” types that are easy to break. Each pen is designed with quality in mind. Following this, the pens are crafted from sturdy materials that can be alternatives to the more expensive options.

“No stone is left unturned, no stroke of a pen left analyzed by our team of experts in our meticulous quest to ensure every design facet of every Dryden pen achieves perfection.”

  1. Ergonomic

Of course, we designed our pens with passionate writers and artists in mind too.

If you’re journaling for long sessions, you will most likely have fewer issues with hand fatigue and cramping because our fountain pens write just by touching the pen to the paper. They write just by the weight of the pen itself, and you don’t have to press down on it to get it to write.

“Wait until you see its elegance first-hand and feel its grace as it glides across the page, bringing sophistication to your handwriting experience.”

  1. Couple of Nib Sizes for Different Purposes

Just like you can get rollerball pens in different tip sizes, you can buy the Dryden Designs fountain pens with extra fine, fine and medium nibs to suit your style. For calligraphers, we have a quill pen with variable nibs and a flex nib pen in our portfolio too.

When Bullet Journaling, it’s best to go with the finest nib size available so that you can write small. Extra-fine is often the smallest nib you can get with most brands. Fine nibs are the next step up, then medium, then broad.

You can even get specially made nibs called stubs, italic, or calligraphy nibs. These are great for correspondence and fancy-looking handwriting because they vary in line width depending on the direction you write without having to learn any special handwriting techniques.

  1.  Lots of Ink Colors!

One of the best things about using fountain pens is that you get a wide range of ink color choices. We also have our standard black and blue ink cartridges as well as our 6-color ink cartridge pack. Our fountain pens are pretty much flexible; you can use other inks too.

You probably already know how great it is to get to use different colors to brighten up your journal. Well, just imagine being able to choose from any of 600 different colors to fine tune your exact taste in ink.

You can get colors to exactly match what you want; you can get waterproof inks, glow in the dark ones, ones that shimmer! Most of these special inks will only be available in bottle form though, and you’ll be more limited with colors in ink cartridges. Cartridges are convenient!

  1. Economic

One advantage of using our Dryden Designs fountain pens if you write a lot is how far the ink will go. If using a bottle of ink, it will last you likely a year or more of continuous use, for $10-15 cost. That really can add up!

You’ll be investing more on the front end with the cost of the pen, but the ink itself will be much more economical than ballpoint, rollerball, or felt pens.

Granted, there will be some maintenance involved. You will need to flush/clean the pen every few weeks to keep it working at its best, and while it’s not complicated to do this, it takes some getting used to at first.

If you opt to use ink cartridges instead of bottled ink, your life will be a little simpler. You simply pop one cartridge in, use it up, and then put another in when it’s used up.

You’ll still need to clean your pen regularly, though, especially in between switching ink colors. But for writing on the go, cartridges are handy.

Final Words

There is a lot to learn about fountain pens, and it can certainly be a deep rabbit hole. The beauty of it is that you are not the first one to be where you are. You can check our Fountain Pen Guide to help you start out your collection and grow more love for fountain pens.