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5 Thoughtful Wedding Favors Your Guests Would Definitely Love

5 Thoughtful Wedding Favors Your Guests Would Definitely Love - Dryden Designs


For people who would get married anytime soon, one thing that you may pay lesser thoughts about is what your wedding favors would be. However, besides great food and great memories, one more thing guest would definitely remember your wedding for are the souvenirs they would be bringing home after.

For wedding favors, you would want something meaningful and useful but not exactly something that would break the bank. Think of something your guests would actually use after, not like bridesmaid dresses - adorable at your wedding day but would be stuffed away in drawers after or thrown away on their next house cleaning. Can’t think of anything? Good thing you’ve stumbled upon this article, as we will be giving you some ideas and factors you should consider when choosing your wedding favors.

What should you consider when choosing your wedding favors?

Your Budget

This would largely depend on the number of guests you are planning to have. If you have more than 200 guests, you can opt for pricey wedding favors for your entourage and families then have lower-priced yet still meaningful wedding favors for the rest of the guests. Another idea is to have wedding favors to be shared by your couple guests or by a whole family. Although your budget is a consideration, if you give much thought into what you would give your guests, there would be an excellent and thoughtful wedding favor for your wedding no matter how low or how high your budget is.


Your Personality

The very essence of giving wedding favors is for your guests to remember what transpired on your wedding day whenever they would have a glimpse of it. Also, it should reflect you and your partner’s personality, all in all. It could reflect how you and your partner met or your favorite thing to do as a couple.


Your Wedding Theme

Have your wedding favors match your overall wedding theme or motif. The actual wedding favor may not fit your wedding theme or colors but don’t fret as you can just present it in a way that would match your theme or colors or any setting for that matter.


Ideas for your wedding favors

Fountain Pens



You can never go wrong with fountain pens. They are useful for almost everyone and they can last for a long time when properly maintained. Take for example this Vintage-style Rosewood Barrel Fountain Pen that you can buy online for less than $15. It has a classic and sleek look that can match rustic weddings. Fountain pens have a lot of designs you can choose from - something that would easily match your wedding theme or motif. Buy fountain pens online and choose from a great selection at Dryden Designs.


Tiny-Potted Plants

If you are nature enthusiasts, you can opt for plants placed on tiny pots. Choose a plant that’s small enough to easily take home to and easy-enough to take care of. Great choices for tiny-potted plant wedding favors are cactuses, succulents, and herbs. Not only are these plants indispensable, they will also remind your guests of your growing love as a married couple as they grow these plants, too.



Vintage Leather Notebook - Dryden Designs


Whether you and your partner are consummate artists, intrepid travelers, or vintage sophisticates, you would love notebooks or journals as wedding favors as much as your guests would love them, too. Check out this Vintage Leather Notebook that contains 120 thick sheets with a premium genuine leather cover. In here, your guests can write down their thoughts, draw their wildest imaginations, or plan their next adventures.


Ah, the gift everyone can reuse over and over again at the expense that definitely won’t break the bank. Koozies are something you can get your money’s worth because it’s not something that’ll be thrown or stored away and guests can keep and use them for the years to come. Print words that would make your guests remember your wedding so these koozies will hold memories, too.


Mason Jars

There are endless uses of mason jars and therefore can be great wedding favors. At the wedding reception, you can have your guests use their mason jars when drinking at your open bar.