7  Ways To Make Your Fountain Pen Last A Lifetime

7 Ways To Make Your Fountain Pen Last A Lifetime

7  Ways To Make Your Fountain Pen Last A Lifetime - Dryden Designs

Writing with a ballpoint pen may be convenient, but the satisfaction one may get in writing with a fountain pen is incomparable. Using a fountain pen gives a pleasurable experience no other pen can give. It offers the writer a sense of control and a very personal feeling when used. If you’re meticulous when you buy fountain pens online or in a store, you may stumble upon something that can last for many years. But if you give it the right amount of care, it can even last a lifetime.

Maintaining a fountain pen does not necessarily require a long and arduous process. When you know the proper ways to do so, it can even save you lots of money on nib replacements that can cost hundreds of bucks. Good thing you come across this article, as we will be giving you 7 surefire ways to make your fountain pens last a lifetime.

Preparing Your Fountain Pen For First Use

7  Ways To Make Your Fountain Pen Last A Lifetime - Dryden Designs

Prime your pen.
Before using your fountain pen the first time, force some ink out of from its tip. You can do it by holding the ink cartridge upright into the pen and squeezing it. You can also try covering your pen tip with tissue and shaking it until you can visibly see ink on the tissue. If your fountain pen has a converter, turn the screw counter-clockwise and force ink out of its tip.

Break-in the nib. One thing that sets fountain pens apart from ballpoint pens is your ability to customize it according to how you write. To do this, simply hold your pen as you would normally do and write on a scratch paper for a few minutes or until you feel writing is smooth and comfy. Doing this will help your pen adjust to your way of writing. Avoid sharing your pen with others, especially those who are opposite-handed as doing so may alter your nib.

Cleaning Your Fountain Pen

Clean it regularly. Cleaning frequency differs per brand and fountain type but most need monthly cleaning. When cleaning your fountain pen, keep the water away from the fountain pen's body and just flush water over the fountain pen's tip and through its cartridge housing. Use tap water and never use hot water or any solvent as this may cause damage to the nib. Lastly, dry the nib and the feeder with cloth.

Clean thoroughly before changing inks. Some inks, when mixed, may react negatively with each other that can create mucks that will eventually clog the pen. To avoid this, make sure you clean your pen thoroughly and free it from any ink residue if you’re changing ink colors or ink brands.

Using Your Fountain Pen

7  Ways To Make Your Fountain Pen Last A Lifetime - Dryden Designs


Never use India Ink. India ink or Chinese Ink, or any other similar inks may clog fountain pens because of their high-solid content. When buying refills, make sure the ink is made specifically for fountain pens.

Flush and re-prime. If you don’t write with your fountain pen for a few days or even for months, you can easily use it again by flushing and re-priming it. To do this, run a warm stream of water (the longer the time you didn’t use it, the longer the period of flushing) over the tip of the nib. Once done, write on a scratch paper for a few minutes to re-prime it.

Storing Your Fountain Pen   

Flush it out properly. If you plan to not use your fountain pen for a long period of time, it is best to remove the cartridge and empty it out before storing it vertically with its nib pointing up.

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