Best Fountain Pens To Buy For Your Journaling 2020

The new year is just right around the corner and many are again going crazy over shopping stylish 2020 planners.

But what could be a better tandem than a journal and a fountain pen?

Add some grown-up glamour to your journaling 2020 with the best fountain pens you can truly afford.

Instead of reaching for a ballpoint there’s nothing quite like using a quality fountain pen to kickstart your journalling. The whole experience is rewarding, from purchasing one and unpacking it through to using it for the first time. And, if you get yourself a premium fountain pen and you should be able to get years of service too.

There are older brands of fountain pens that are already well-established, but there’s actually a thriving marketplace out there with numerous manufacturers to choose from. And, what that means is you can find a fountain pen that suits not only your taste but one that has an ergonomic design style to fit any kind of hand.

The Dryden Designs fountain pens are the affordable class but they won’t fail you with their immediate wow-factor, amazing handling and careful attention to detail.

While the basic concept of a fountain pen might seem pretty straightforward, the models we’ve found below offer up lots of cool variations on the theme too. There are barrels made from a variety of materials and tip options can be tailored to suit your writing style but you’ll want to look out for specific design and build points as you shop.

When you are buying pens for your journaling 2020, keep an eye on the weight and dimensions. Next up, choose a nib to match your writing style. There are super fine nibs that range from XF through to broader options right up to 2B. The former is a good bet for finer, small handwriting while the latter is suitable for more flamboyant, calligraphic styles.

Nibs also come in a range of different materials, depending on the cost of the pen, how long you want it to last and your own personal preference. You’ll also want to consider refills and how much they might cost you over time. Nevertheless, a good quality fountain pen is still a cost-effective option as it’ll last you a lot longer than a whole pile of plastic ballpoints.

A quality fountain pen makes a real style statement in the same way as a high-end watch does and, if you’re in the market for one, there’s never been a better time to buy. Here’s our pick of the best fountain pens 2020 from Dryden Designs.

Fairly cheap at $16.95 but very durable with its stainless steel make. It is a pen for everyone – for students, hobbyists, office workers, collectors, and even executives.

Best Fountain Pens To Buy For Your Journaling 2019

This features “SMOOTH & UNINTERRUPTED WRITING. With no break in ink flow, users can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted writing experience as your fountain pen glides elegantly across the paper.”

Best Modern –  FINE NIB MODERN
This sleek, modern fountain pen with a golden hooded-nib at only $27.45 is a must-have for those who demand precision in all their writing.

 FINE NIB MODERNFeaturing “REVOLUTIONARY ERGOCOMFORT TECHNOLOGY means you enjoy hours of UNINTERRUPTED WRITING without any strain to your wrist or hand. A Delicate Weight to Comfort Ratio to suit both Left and Right handed writers.”


For only $30.95, this pen emphasizes the elegant taste of real fountain pen enthusiasts.


Featuring the luxurious look carefully “handcrafted by expert artisans and coming in an equally exquisite matching gift case. This Dryden Pen will go down an absolute treat for all those who enjoy the finer things in life.”