Dryden Designs Launches New Amazon Store to Cater to Customers in Germany

Dryden Designs Launches New Amazon Store to Cater to Customers in Germany

London, UK – Feb 12, 2019 – Dryden Designs today announced their Amazon Germany Store. German pen lovers will now be able to shop online for fountain pens, ink cartridges, replacement nibs, and other corporate leather items like journals and portfolio. It will go live on February 15.

“We are thrilled to open our newest online store through Amazon Germany,”  said Michael Dryden, CEO and Founder of Dryden Designs. “With a suitably configured store that’s already been translated, the weekly promo and coupons, and free shipping on everything, our new Amazon store is a great destination for our customers in Germany.”

The store highlights more than a dozen of uniquely-designed fountain pen collections. These include our best-selling bamboo and wood fountain pens as well as the next level modern classic fountain pens.

The brand sells fine nibs – which are perfect for general purpose writing, favoring those who have small, neat handwriting – and medium nibs – which are ideal for general purpose writing and signatures. Both nibs are also competent when it comes to sketching and calligraphy as confirmed by its fountain pen users.

Customers can also shop ink cartridges and calligraphy essentials from the store. Elegant leather goods like journals, portfolios, and pen cases are something to watch out for too.

About Dryden Designs:

Dryden Designs has been around for 3 years now. The company was conceived initially out of frustration with all the expensive but increasingly unreliable fountain pens our CEO and Founder was collecting. He believes fountain pens are a work of art, and should not only be able to write beautifully, but they should also look beautiful too. And affordable!

So we set out on this wonderful journey called Dryden Designs. All our pens are designed with these 3 strict criteria of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability.

We have our offices based out in Albany, New York as well as a small design team in London.  This is where our pens are conceived and designed. The pen parts are sourced from 5 different countries, from Germany (where we source for high-grade Iridium nibs) to Hong Kong (where put it all together by a team of skilled and dedicated craftsmen).

Dryden Designs is now a highly respected and globally prominent luxury pen business. We continue to make our product range accessible to everyone by providing high-quality pens at a fraction of the price you’ll pay for other fountain pens.