Modern Calligraphy: All You Need To Know To Get Started

Modern Calligraphy: All You Need To Know To Get Started

Modern Calligraphy: All You Need To Know To Get Started - Dryden Designs

Calligraphy, ironically, found its way into popularity and made a comeback in the recent years because of its growing community online. People have found a new way to showcase their artworks, particularly in social media where they can post their artworks for all the world to see. We can’t blame people in jumping into this bandwagon as calligraphy truly is a mesmerizing type of art because of its sophistication and elegance.

If you are one of the many who have recently found love in calligraphy and would want to start but do not really have an idea where and how to, then you have come to the right place! In this post, you will be walked through how to start learning the art, how to best hold the pen, what tools you would need to get started, and how you can master this art in no time.

What calligraphy tools do I need to get started?  

When starting a new hobby, you might get too excited and decide to splurge on calligraphy tools. Take it easy, though, as you do not necessarily need to buy expensive calligraphy tools to get started. Really, you just need a pen and a paper to get started! Also, check out the Top 5 Best Calligraphy Supplies For Beginners for the tools you’ll ever need to get started with modern calligraphy.

How do I start learning modern calligraphy?

We say, be a faux calligraphy expert, first! When it’s said that you only need a pen and a paper to get started with modern calligraphy, we mean it. Faux calligraphy is using a paper and any pen (or pencil) you are very comfortable using and then just practicing strokes until you get used to the lettering strokes of modern calligraphy.

A standard pen, a pen that you are used to writing with, helps you build muscle memory when writing the different lettering strokes that writing with a specialized calligraphy pen later on will become easier.

Thank goodness for the internet as faux calligraphy practice sheets are easily accessible and many calligraphy artists offer their own sheets for free over the internet.

How do I best hold my pen when doing modern calligraphy?

When doing modern calligraphy, it is all about the angle. Although the direction at which your paper leans as well as how your body and arm is positioned matter when doing modern calligraphy, writing thin and thick strokes which make modern calligraphy distinctive from standard writing relies heavily on how you your pen is angled when you write.

If you are using a fountain pen for your calligraphy, make sure that you break-in your fountain pen at an angle you would be most comfortable with when writing calligraphy. Writing the fountain pen on paper at an angle would prep the pen and would “condition” itself to this specific angle. This way, you can maintain your grip at this specific angle for a long time and you can write comfortably as you practice.

How do I master this art in no time?

To be honest, there really is nothing else to do but to practice! It takes time to master this art but as you practice regularly, your modern calligraphy skills will improve exponentially. And really, with an art as beautiful as modern calligraphy, why would you want to hurry things up? Practice, practice, practice and it will all be worth it!