The Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Fountain Pen

The Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Fountain Pen

The Beginner's Guide To Buying Your First Fountain Pen - Dryden Designs

If you are a beginner in using fountain pens whether be it in calligraphy or simply just putting your thoughts into paper, you may think that buying your first fountain pen may be intimidating. However, you are quite lucky for stumbling into this article as in here, you will find all the information you need to buy fountain pens online or in a physical store with such ease.

When buying your first fountain pen, you may have lots of questions running into your mind.

Should I splurge on my first fountain pen?

Am I spending too much?

Am I spending too little?

What type of fountain pen should I buy?

Choosing your first fountain pen is not just about buying the cheapest or the best-looking one in the market. It is about choosing a fountain pen that fits perfectly to your writing style. And with this guide, hopefully, you will be just on the right track in buying your starter pen.

Should I Buy Cheap Starter Fountain Pens?

There may be $5 fountain pens you can buy from drugstores that are easily accessible but the more important question is are you really willing to sacrifice the quality of your work and the satisfaction you can get from writing with a proper fountain pen? It may be tempting to opt for a disposable fountain pen, but would you want a pen skipping on every line? No, you don’t.

It is not wrong to splurge a little and buy something of good quality. Take for example these pens under $25:


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buy fountain pen online - Dryden Designs


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What type of nib should I choose?

When it comes to nib (this is the tip of the fountain pen that touches your paper) types, there is a wide array to choose from. However, for beginners like you and even for a lot of people who are used to writing with a fountain pen, they prefer fountain pens with a fine nib. This is because fountain pens with fine nibs produce lines that are just as thick as that of a standard ballpoint pen.

If you would want broader or thicker lines, you can go with medium or broad nib-type fountain pens.

What type of ink should I buy with my starter pen?

If you buy a disposable fountain pen, you can save yourself from researching on what type of ink you would buy with your fun, but then again, where is the fun in that?

Inks play a vital role on how well or how bad your fountain pen will perform once used. If you are buying a more-than-good quality fountain pen, though, there is not much issue with the ink you will use. For starters on how to choose a good ink for your fountain pen, you might want to buy inks that are specially made for fountain-pen use. Forget about using Indian inks as their density might affect your writing or worse, break the pen.

Generally, what should I look for in a starter fountain pen?

  1. Your starter pen should not be priced over $25.
  2. Your starter pen should not just be functional but should also look attractive.
  3. Your starter pen should have a decent and durable nib (type would be according to your liking).
  4. Your starter pen should have a refillable cartridge as refilling with an ink bottle may not be easy for beginners.
  5. Your starter pen should not easily bleed out on paper.

Happy shopping for your starter fountain pen!

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