Top 10 Benefits Of Using A Fountain Pen

Top 10 Benefits Of Using A Fountain Pen

Fountain pens should not be reserved for special occasions only. It significantly improves your writing experience that you should use it regularly and make the switch from your ballpoint pens. There are countless benefits to writing with a fountain pen. This article lists some of those benefits.

Improved Writing Experience


A fountain pen is obviously an upgrade from a normal pen. Most users report that they made the shift to fountain pens simply because those pens are so much easier and more comfortable to write with. Fountain pens require less pressure just so you can write with it. The ink flows out at the slightest touch so your hands won’t get tired even after writing lengthy paragraphs.

More Reliable

A ballpoint pen is only functional when the ball inside the tip is rolling. That is how it churns out ink so that you can write on a surface. The said ball does not really roll well on all types of paper. Another issue is that the ball is easily damaged. One simple drop can render your pen unusable. In contrast, the tip of a fountain pen is more forgiving as it works well with all sorts of paper. It also readily releases ink so you won’t have any issues with that. 

Fountine Pen

Diverse Selection

The great thing about fountain pens is that there is one for everyone. There are so many nib sizes to choose from. You can write in different font styles because of the diverse selection of nibs. Some are broad while others are narrow. You can also thicken the lines by applying pressure on your strokes.

So Many Ink Color Options

When you own ballpoint pens, you need to buy an entirely new pen when you want a different color. Such isn’t the case for fountain pens. You can simply swap out the ink cartridge with another cartridge containing a different ink color. It is also undeniable that the color selection is much more diverse.

Sleek Style

Owning a fountain pen is sometimes deemed as a social status. If you want to appear more luxurious and impressionable to the people around you, try shifting to a fountain pen. It also sends a good impression of reliability and credibility during business meetings and transactions. Your clients are subconsciously going to like and trust you more if you lend them a fountain pen instead of an ordinary ballpoint pen.


Fountain pens are built to last. All of the materials used for their construction are intended to last for a lifetime. Some luxury fountain pens can last for decades and still remain functional. The lifespan of a fountain pen is definitely so much longer than an ordinary ballpoint pen. This durability makes it an economical choice because you can just get one and refill the ink periodically rather than buying multiple pens through the years. That is also why so many people opt for fountain pens as special gifts for loved ones or cherished friends. If you are considering gifting a high-end fountain pen to a special someone, try having it engraved with his name to add a personal touch.

Better For The Environment

Did you know that there are about 1.6 billion disposable pens manufactured each year? Imagine all that non-biodegradable wastes accumulating on earth and harming all life forms, from agricultural sectors to marine life. The waste will be cut down significantly if a lot of people invested in long-lasting fountain pens that will not become waste in just a few weeks’ time. Fountain pens are also manufactured with little to no non-biodegradable plastic.

Gateway For New Hobby

You can use your fountain pen for a new hobby - calligraphy! It is the perfect tool for you to learn how to write in different font styles. The different nibs afford you different writing styles. That, paired with the vast ink options, will make you an unstoppable calligraphy master. You can even take it a step further by transforming a mere calligraphy hobby into a business venture! There is a market for personalized notes, addressed envelopes, and many more. You can advertise yourself on sites like Etsy or Pinterest.

Fountain Pens

A Newfound Community

There are plenty of dedicated fountain pen fanatics that you can bond with. There are so many forums online that talk about all sorts of things related to fountain pens, from life hacks to proper care. There are also pen shows and conventions that you can attend to mee

Comfortable Grip

Since fountain pens are built to provide a premium writing experience, you can also trust the construction to be comfortable enough to write with for long periods of time. Most pens come with contoured bodies and rubber grips that you cannot find on most disposable pens. The shape is designed to redistribute the weight so that your hands will not feel strained. It is evident that the manufacturers took extra care in ensuring that the pens come out perfect for writing. 

Overall, there is no reason to not like fountain pens. They give you a premium writing experience that is simply unparalleled. It is also a great gift idea that you can give to a special someone or a loved one. People from all walks of life can surely appreciate such a pen.