Our Story

Being quintessentially English, here at Dryden Designs, we find it a little difficult to talk about ourselves, but here goes.

We're a family run business that was founded by Michael Dryden who’s our CEO, but also a master calligraphy artist and fountain pen aficionado. He was motivated to create his own line of pens (admittedly for his own personal use initially) after becoming fed up with having to pay a small fortune for writing instruments that often proved unreliable.

He wanted affordable, luxury pens that delivered an exceptionally high-precision writing experience while looking and feeling drop dead gorgeous.

Many gloriously filled reams of paper and spent cartridges of ink later, Dryden Designs is now a highly respected and globally prominent luxury pen business. We continue to make our product range accessible to everyone by providing high quality pens at a fraction of the price you’ll pay for other fountain pens.


Every Dryden pen is hand assembled and hand tested by one of our team of skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

Their task is to ensure the quality of each pen is beyond excellent and that each nib is so smooth it gives the beholder wings to limitless possibilities.

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We've devoted ourselves to making our pens emblems of elegance, a word we see as meaning a perfect blend of beauty and innovation. The result? Outstanding pens that empower the user to make an indelible statement of sophistication.

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We know as a business we won’t just be judged by the quality of our products. Which is why we ensure our customer service experience is as smooth and seamless as the sensation of writing with a Dryden pen. As a result, we:

  • Process all orders within 24 hours
  • Aim to deliver your item/s within 3 to 5 working days from our warehouses located across North America and Europe

Should you have any questions or queries regarding our products, you can contact one of the team by emailing customers@dryden.design

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