Unique craftsmanship and attention to detail are the key components of every Dryden pen.


Meticulously conceived by our world class designers, Dryden pens are initially hand drawn and elaborated on paper before being realized in 3D.

From here, the design of each invidual characteristic and element of the pen takes shape to produce pens of discerning quality and beauty.


Crafted by highly skilled in-house experts, carefully selected precious materials such as rhodium, platinum, gold, silver and precious resins are manually polished and enhanced by decorative treatments such as precious stones, before being assembled, along with 18K solid gold nibs, by hand.


Making a Dryden pen nib is a precise and refined process. They are created from a single sheet of precious metal which is pressed, compressed to ensure strength and then cut to shape.

A small ball of iridium is added to the base to allow the ink to transfer smoothly to paper before a slit is cut in the nib, by the tip of a diamond no thicker than a hair, to separate the nib and allow the ink to flow.

Comprising of twelve individual stages during manufacturing, the most prestigious nibs are quality control checked and fine tuned by hand to ensure maximum performance.